Fiona Knox Art on Life

Hi, I'm a Fine Artist, Portrait Painter , silversmith , designer and contemporary jeweller. I take commissions and teach, to demystify to others the beauty of creating art.

The world affects me deeply. It's beauty even in  its destructive forces astonish my senses while I observe separate yet part of it. As an artist I react to people and places; the environment changing, light playing and mist or darkness shadowing hinting at other interpretations. I see spatial relationships, colours and forms. I see the mood created by a fleeting glance, the stroke of a brush or a dab of colour the hammered line of precious wire.

I draw, I paint, I form, I construct. I try to find the happy side of life, an fleeting expression to keep always.

Expressionist, intuitive, impressonist, evoking feelings and responses my artistic work is all encompassing in my life.

Just like the wind in the trees it flows.

Welcome to my site, come take a look.........

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